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« Doc McIlvoy » est le troisième volume de la série de portrait de parachutistes de la seconde guerre mondiale, intitulée « The Way We Were ».

270 x 220 mm
couverture souple
 – 168 pages, 360+ illustrations
Version bilingue : Français/Anglais

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Le Major Dan McIlvoy était un officiel médical dans le célèbre 505e PIR de la 82e Airborne Division. En tant que membre de cette unité depuis sa création,  il n’en partie que deux jours alors qu’il était MIA en Normandie. L’histoire du 505ème détachement médical est racontée à travers l’histoire de Doc McIlvoy. En tant que chirurgien de bataillon, et par la suite, chirurgien du régiment, Doc McIlvoy institua de nombreuses nouvelles méthodes de prise en charge et d’évacuation des blessés. Nombreuses de ces innovations furent adopter par la suite comme des standard par la US Army Medical Corps. Durant son service, Doc McIlvoy supervisa le traitement de centaines de victimes de guerre. A travers son initiative, ses compétences en chirurgie et sa dévotion pour son devoir, il fut capable de sauver les membres et les vies de nombreux camarades blessés.

270 x 220 mm
couverture souple
 – 168 pages, 360+ illustrations
ISBN 2-9600176-5-6

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10 avis pour THE WAY WE WERE n°3

  1. Michael O’Sullivan

    I am a 16 year old high school student in the United States who has an extremely deep respect for the brave men of the Second World War. I have always had a profound interest in the American Airborne and Pathfinders. I recently visited your website for the first time and I was shocked and moved by the value of your work. Just by looking at the few pictures on your site of your works I was blown away by their beauty and extraordinary nature. I hope that someday I will be able to purchase every one of your works. I have yet to buy one, but just by reading reviews and looking at excerpts I know your books will change my life. Your books will be such a valued part of my collection that I will pass them down to my children, so that they will never forget the brave sacrifices of these young men. I thank you not only as a customer and a fan of your works but as an American. Thank you for keeping the stories alive of boys, who were only a few years older than me, fighting to rid the world of tyranny and oppression. I hope that someday I can shake your hand in person and thank you personally for all of your hard work so that my generation and all generations will not forget. Although your are extremely busy and I doubt that you will get this message. As a school project I have to chose someone who interests me and ask them a few questions.
    Keep up the good work Mr. de Trez, it really means so much to many, more than you will ever know. By keeping the stories of these heroes alive, you yourself are a hero. Thank you for your time.
    You deserve so much more credit than you are given for you have kept alive the spirit of the sacrifices made by the ordinary soldier of the Second World War. As Stephen Ambrose once said, « Every child in America needs to know the sacrifices made by the men of WWII. » Undoubtedly, you have become a cornerstone of that attempt. What is most admirable is the fact that you write not for publicity and fame yet rather for your own personal interest and also to keep the stories of men like Forrest Guth and Bob Piper alive. It is truly extraordinary.
    Thank you so much Mr. De Trez, you are not only a superb author but an outstanding person. »
    Michael O’Sullivan, USA

  2. Craig Singhaus

    « On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the outstanding effort that you have put forth to preserve the memory of America’s World War II Airborne soldiers. Through your books and other activities you have done much to honor their sacrifices. I know it is greatly appreciated by the veterans and their families alike. »
    Craig Singhaus, World War II Airborne Demonstration Team Foundation, USA

  3. Kenneth Beauchamp

    « I collect U.S.medic items. The Doc McIlvoy was great for showing so mush medical equipment. »
    Kenneth Beauchamp, USA

  4. Polly McIlvoy

    « The 60th was a special trip for the family in honor of Doctor, we all knew he was a hero. Michel de Trez gave special tribute to him with his exhibit at Sainte-Mere-Eglise « The Greatest Generation » Exhibit–He had a display of Doctor’s uniform, boots, medical equipment he carried and many photographs we had not seen. I could go on and on. Michel had some film taken in 1944 that showed Doctor with Teddy Roosevelt, he had picture of Doc riding a German motorcycle.
    Best of all: Michel took us to a l5th century house in the country side where Doctor set up aid station and it was a field hospital for the wounded men. We had lots of pictures made in front of this house (p 118-123 in his book).
    It was all unbelievable, I enjoyed the book signing along with Michel de Trez in memory of Doc McILVOY. People there were so greatfull to our country and liberation.
    The accomodations were so beautiful at La Cour Chambres d’hotes with breakfast. This was a 15th century house-farms. A big favor. Michel loaned us his SUV for travel, we had it all.
    It was educational and fun – something we will never forget – We feel Doctor was there with us saying: « Honey, I tried to tell you how important I am! »
    Polly McIlvoy, USA

  5. Linda

    « The book is awesome! Annie spent many hours trying to get something done with all Dad’s photos, etc from the war. You were the perfect match for her information and desire to get it documented and remembered. Annie, Carol, Mom and I will be forever grateful to you for all your hard work, research, and gift for putting this together. We will treasure this book.
    I am so sorry that you did not get to meet my Dad. He was such a sweet, quiet and humble man. He had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. He always looked on the positive side of things and had a great big heart. To me, obviously, he was very, very special. I feel blessed to have been with him for so many years of my life. Thank you for the tribute to my Dad. He would be so proud. »
    Linda, USA

  6. Annie McILvoy Zaya

    « The book is wonderful!!
    It is more and then more than I imagined! I am so proud! This book is not only a tribute to my Father and the medics of the 82nd, 505th PIR, but of all medics in all wars. As I was driving home from NC, I was crying, but grateful tears. I remember when first going through my Daddy’s papers, I was saddened when I came across his file on Pete Suer and read of the failed attempts to get a medal for Pete. I feel I have helped my Father honor Pete Suer. My Father spent countless time and energy hoping to honor this brave man and I feel this book is even better then a medal. »
    Annie McILvoy Zaya, USA

  7. Mark Sluits

    « This one is simply fantastic! I had never seen so much medical equipment in a book and so many unpublished pictures of the Medics in Normandy. Very, very impressive. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us. »
    Mark Sluits, Holland

  8. Tim Hulsey

    « As one who knew Dan McIlvoy throughout my life and until his death, as one of his patients and at times his physician, and as a friend of Polly and her daughters, I have enjoyed so much your book, Doc McIlvoy and His Parachuting Medics. His family has had a wonderful time sharing their warm reception in Normandy and the appreciation of the French people. I had the opportunity to see the action figure of Dan and have ordered a set of the four figures.
    Dan was a very self-confident man and a great physician, but never really thought of himself as a hero. He certainly never TOLD us he was. Polly remarked to my mother that she had never really known the extent of his heroism until her trip to Normandy. The family seems to value highly your friendship and your tribute to Dan. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. As you have said, it won’t be long until this Greatest Generation is no longer among us. Your efforts, however, will help to keep their bravery as fresh as ever!! Thanks so much! »
    Tim Hulsey, MD, USA

  9. Charles Counts

    « Michel de Trez has a well earned reputation as a leading authority on the World War II airborne troops. Due to his reputation, and contacts, Michel has obtained access to rare historical material. The material related to the World War II experience of Major Daniel McIlvoy; regimental surgeon of the 505th PIR, is such an example.
    In his usual excellent manner, Michel shares this important material related to the often neglected story of the medics and their essential role. Once again, Michel has created a wonderful mix of period photographs, artifacts, and accounts with his expert commentary to tell the « story ».
    Charles Counts, USA

  10. Dr. Dean McCandless

    « What a delightful surprise today when I picked up our mail. Both books arrived in perfect condition. I’ve had time to skim through them and enjoyed each moment; so I know that it will be fun return through them page by page! »
    Dr. Dean McCandless, 505 PIR Veteran, USA

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