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34 avis pour THE WAY WE WERE n°1

  1. Sigge

    « Best book ever! I just finished your portrait book on Forrest Guth and I must say it was the best book I ever read on World War 2! I especially loved the equipment photos. I cant wait to get your other books! Best Wishes on your future books. »
    Sigge, USA

  2. Glen A Mellross

    « Just a quick note to say that I read again your book on Forrest Guth and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. »
    John Mc Neely, USA

  3. Frank Robertson

    « Your new book arrived this week, and it is outstanding! Congratulations on another triumph. Thank you for preserving the experiences and collection of Forrest Guth for future generations. I will look forward to the next one in the series! »
    Frank Robertson, USA

  4. Edwin Kossen, Hilversum

    « Keep on writing! Your books are the best in my collection. »
    Edwin Kossen, Hilversum, The Netherlands

  5. Mark Bando

    « Michel ‘Mike’ Detrez, is not only a man of great drive, but also one of great Vision. He conceives of a vivid, fascinating book project, then brings it into creation. His latest effort is a trade paperback on all-glossy paper, with many B&W and Color photos.
    This book traces the military career, via photos and artifacts, of Cpl. Forrest Guth, a member of the now famous E/506th, who served with that unit from Toccoa into 1945. The whole concept of this book is new, tracing the activities of an obscure enlisted man through an entire war. This project was virtually made possible by the uniqueness of Guth himself. Although omitted from the HBO production ‘Band of Brothers’ (there was no character in that series based on him), Guth used a camera in Normandy and took all the best photos which appear in Ambrose’s book of the same title, including the lineup in St Marie du Mont, which appears on the cover. Guth was also an avid collector of German souvenirs, as well as a saver of his own uniforms, equipment, and insignia. Michel D has skillfully blended the photos and artifacts together, to make a delightful presentation which I’m sure will sell MANY copies, especially with the current craze about Easy 506th. There has never been a book quite like this. Highly recommended. »
    Mark Bando, 101st Airborne Historian, USA

  6. Tim Novak

    « Another great piece that I lost myself in. »
    Tim Novak, USA

  7. Jim Meehan

    « I want you to know that both my father and I enjoyed your new book « The Way We Were » very much.
    Well Done, As a former paratrooper myself, I’m looking forward to the next ones. »
    Jim Meehan, USA

  8. Terry Webb

    « I received your book today on Cpl. Guth, and it looks just excellent. Of course I enjoyed seeing the pictures of vintage airborne bits too. But man, your collection is everything I’d heard it was. Absolutely awesome! »
    Terry Webb, USA

  9. Mark

    « I received the book and could not put it down! I have read it already. It is the most enjoyable book that I have read in a long time. »
    Mark, USA

  10. Gavin Pope

    « I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with your books. There are magnificent pieces of work and you should be justly proud of your efforts. The historical compilation of photographs and data on the equipment and men of the airborne divisions from WWII is wonderful and my Dad and I shall cherish these books. »
    Gavin Pope, USA

  11. Iain Harding

    « First of all may I congratulate you on the excellent books on the US Airborne you have published. These are the finest examples of their kind in existence and will unlikely to ever be surpassed. »
    Iain Harding, England

  12. Glen Nakata

    « I just wanted to let you know that I received the two books this weekend and they are unbelievable. To have your new book signed by both yourself and Mr. Guth is such an honor. Thank you so much. »
    Glen Nakata, USA

  13. Grant Bias

    « I received the book today in the mail. WOW! What a wonderful book. I really like the layout as well as all of the original artifacts belonging to Guth. I don’t know how many more of these books you are planning to put out, but I will definately purchase the whole series. »
    Grant Bias, USA

  14. David Hucklebridge

    « I visited Ciney militaria show last month. Whilst I was there I met on a book signing Forrest Guth who signed my copy of the book about ‘E’ company.
    I have to say what a great book it is too. I buy many military books over the coarse of each year, which add to my large and ever growing collection of books. Every once in a while an outstanding book comes along, and I have to say your book is that one. »
    David Hucklebridge, England

  15. Mike Dykas

    « I received the book yesterday, Excellent book ! Very well done ! I did not put in down until I read it all. The part on the artifacts from Lt. Meehan’s plane was heart felt. I’m also happy that ole « Goody » now has this book. I’m sure I can replicate a figure of him in 1/6 scale, which I plan on doing soon now that I have all the reference I need. »
    Mike Dykas, USA

  16. Bob Johnston

    « I received your book today. I’m very pleased, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Very nicely presented great photos and narrative. Well done. »
    Bob Johnston, USA

  17. Dan Dunkle

    « Received the book yesterday. It’s really spectacular. It really put a more personal face to the things I’ve been reading about over the last six months. It also added more to « Band of Brothers » by adding another perspective. Too bad that Mr. Guth was left out of the miniseries, I think the fact that he enlisted with his two friends, and survived, was very powerful.
    I also picked up your second book « At the Point of No Return, » I really enjoyed that as well. With the help of both yours and Mark Bando’s books, I’m learning about what the rest of the division accomplished in Normandy.
    Again, thank you very much for the book. I also really appreciate the signature. Keep up the outstanding work. »
    Dan Dunkle, USA

  18. Paul Walker

    « I’m a big admirer of the books you have published, and think you have done a great job. I know that your books have become much used reference guides by collectors in many countries. »
    Paul Walker, USA

  19. John Alberts

    « I enjoy your books very much. Have two already–this will make 3. »
    John Alberts, USA

  20. Lee Buncher

    « The book arrived today. Thanks very much for the great service and what looks like a great book. I only have had a quick look through it, but it really does look first class. »
    Lee Buncher, England

  21. Brooks Bush

    « What a great book, its the guy! not just the stuff! You already know how I feel about this. Forrest must be very proud of you, you’ve done a great service to a great guy! KEEP IT UP! »
    Brooks Bush, USA

  22. England

    « Got the book Tuesday morning, I could not put it down! Well done, what a book. »
    Chuck Sheldon, England

  23. Karel Margry

    « What a very nice surprise! Thanks ever so much for the copy of ‘The Way We Were’ — very much appreciated. With both your dedication and that of Forrest Guth himself it becomes a collector’s item right away. Please thank him as well if he is still with you in Europe.
    The book arrived on Saturday and I read it through from beginning to end yesterday. Quite amazing that Guth has kept all his uniforms and equipment of those days.
    I must compliment you with the design of the book and the quality of the photographs — very well done. It certainly deserves a wide readership. »
    Karel Margry, After the Battle magazine editor. Holland

  24. Uberto

    « I am an Italian journalist, also specialized in Militaria I bought the book on Cpl. Forrest Guth in England and at home, a few days later I discovered what a great publication I had acquired! Really one incredible source for historians and Militaria scholars like I am, and I have a quite large collection of Militaria books (about 3.000). All Cpl. Guth equipment and recounts make it a great reference, and you assembled it in the best way.
    Thanks, and compliments again »
    Uberto, Italy

  25. Grzegorz Czwartosz

    « I am a public relations expert, publicist and publisher. Since my youngest years my hobbies were WWII history, aerospace technology and aviation history as well as WWII Allied airborne units history.
    « First of all « I am your fan » so to say. Despite the fact that several years ago I bought your « American Warriors » and « At the Point of No Return » I am still impressed by the content of these books. They are the best collectors guide for me and for all I know who are interested in the US WWII airborne history and militaria. »
    Grzegorz Czwartosz, Poland

  26. Nico

    « Bien reçu le livre sur Guth et viens de le parcourir……. EXCEPTIONNEL !!!! Ce livre est une pure merveille…que dire de plus ? Michel prouve encore ces qualités d’historien et de collectionneur hors pair.
    Merci infiniment pour la dédicace…
    Vraiment que du bon, je vous dis… je retourne prendre une claque tout de suite… »
    Nico, France

  27. Hugo Alleaume

    « Je voulais vous remercier pour la rencontre un peu magique et très émouvante que nous avons faites avec Forrest Guth. Pouvoir rencontrer et parler un moment avec un vétéran est toujours pour moi un grand moment.
    Encore merci d’avoir pu nous offrir cette rencontre. »
    Hugo Alleaume, Belgium

  28. Jeroen v.d. Brink

    « It has been some time since I visited you and picked up Forrest Guth’s book with his signature. I am however impressed about the quality and so is everybody else who’s reading and looking into the book. »
    Jeroen v.d. Brink, Belgium

  29. Doug Cervi

    « Just finished your book on Forrest Guth that I bought at the Veterans’ Day Tribute in Washingotn DC. I use the Band of Brothers » series in my classroom and now will have a book about a real hero for my students. What a great job with your publication. Having met the man and now having the book, thank you. »
    Doug Cervi, USA

  30. Josh Work

    « I have just recently bought the book about Cpl. Forrest Guth. I went to a lecture he was having at a local college and thought that this book looked pretty cool. I have always been interested in any type of history, but I love reading and looking at articles about WW2, mostly about the Airborne. I kinda felt out of place at the lecture because I am only 15 and everyone else was kinda old. But afterwards I was able to talk with most of the men there and discover that they are all nice people with wonderful stories.
    This book, about the Airborne I bought is different from all the other books I have purchased. This book has a lot of actual pictures and shows what the gear they used looked like. Also, the pictures aren’t like the ones you find in the school library. I also enjoy the pictures of the men joking around, it makes you feel like you can relate to them more if you think they are like normal people.
    Thank you so much for your time and effort to keep these World Heroes stories alive and well. »
    Josh Work, USA

  31. Richard Maniscalco

    « Just a quick note to inform you that I received the Band of Brothers Book earlier this week. It is an extremely fine piece of work and I am very pleased with it. »
    Richard Maniscalco, USA

  32. Janni Erika Nielsen

    « A few months ago, I picked up your book about Cpl. Forrest Guth, and I just wanted to say I thought it was a great collection of photos and stories. I have been interested in military history for sometime now (especially the European theater of WWII), and your book on Cpl. Guth is a great addition to my collection. I look forward to picking up some of your other titles, especially the two volumes describing the Normandy invasion. »

    « Wow! Great book
    Received my copy of « The way we were » « We band of brothers » yesterday. Spent the whole evening reading – it was like stepping back in time! Great book – thanks! »
    Janni Erika Nielsen, Denmark

  33. Jim Rue

    « Your book arrived (in excellent condition) last Friday, 21 January 2005. Very quick service – thanks. »
    Jim Rue, USA

  34. Stephen Savage

    « I want to « Thank you » Sir, for all you have done and still do in honor and in memory of my old friend, Forrest Guth. He was a great man and I still enjoy seeing all his old friends from the 506th. These men have never lost the bond they formed back in WWII, and they still have a tight band to this day. I have a copy of your book that you wrote with Forrest and enjoyed it very much. Rod Strohl has been an old family friend since I was a child. I will always treasure that Forrest signed my book for me years ago. I will miss him often. God Bless, and once again, thank you for all you do. »
    Stephen Savage

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