Colonel Bob Piper est le deuxième volume de la série de portrait de parachutistes de la seconde guerre mondiale intitulée « The Way We Were ».

270 x 220 mm
Couverture souple
 – 72 pages, 220+ illustrations
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Bob Piper est officier parachutiste Américain, il servit successivement, durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, en tant que Chef de Peloton dans la Compagnie ‘G’ du 505ème PIR, Capitaine adjoint du Régiment (S-1) et Officier de Renseignement du Régiment (S-2). Il prit part aux quatre sauts de combat effectués par la 82ème Division Aéroportée et participa aux six campagnes en Europe, n’étant blessé qu’une fois par le feu de l’ennemi.

En tant que membre de l’Etat-Major du Régiment, une des tâches qui lui fut assignée, était celle peu commune de veiller sur la seule femme du Régiment. Oui, il y eut en effet des femmes dans les zones de combats avec le corps de parachutistes de l’Armée des Etats-Unis pendant la deuxième guerre mondiale. Très peu, certes, mais il y en eut! Oui, elles portaient des bottes de saut, le brevet para, l’insigne de la 82ème Airborne et le casque d’acier. Piper prit cette tâche tant à coeur, qu’à la fin de la guerre, il ne put se résigner à ne plus avoir à le faire et fit le serment de veiller sur elle tout au long de sa vie.

Tout comme Forrest Guth, héros du premier volume de cette série de portraits, Bob Piper passa outre l’interdiction d’emporter un appareil photo au combat et il ne quitta jamais son Leica durant ses six campagnes ! Après tout, n’appartenait-il pas à cette classe qui donne les ordres !

Piper prit de fabuleuses photos des membres de l’Etat-Major et des Généraux de la Division. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui la plupart d’entre-elles n’avaient jamais été dévoilées.

piperneipiper270 x 220 mm
Couverture souple
 – 72 pages, 220+ illustrations
ISBN 2-9600176-4-1


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12 avis pour THE WAY WE WERE n°2

  1. Kathleen Engle

    « I really appreciate all of your help on this. This has been a rewarding journey, and you have really helped piece some information together. I am truly enjoying your book, and would like to thank you for taking the time to gather the information on Mr. Piper, and turning it into an interesting and enjoyable read. »
    Kathleen Engle, USA

  2. Paul Washington

    « I have very much enjoyed your books, most of which I have in my personal library. I recently retired from a 20-year career in the US Army, six years of which I served in the 82d Airborne Division. I had the opportunity to meet COL(R) Bob Piper when he served as the Chairman of my Prop Blast board in 1984. It was soldiers like him who set the standards that those of us who came later still aspire to.
    Your ‘The Way We Were’ volume on Colonel Piper was very well done and confirms that I had the opportunity to meet a very special officer.
    Keep up the good work. »
    Paul Washington, USA

  3. John Sparry

    « I greatly enjoyed your other « The Way We Were » books about Ben Vandervoort and Bob Piper.
    Thank you for writing them. »
    John Sparry (Grandson of Mark Alexander 505/508), USA

  4. Kurt Gloshten

    « Fascinating story, extremely well designed book and very well written. Certainly the best author of his kind. A must. »
    Kurt Gloshten, Sweden

  5. Andrew Macdonald

    « I wanted to thank you for the swift delivery of my new book about the American Paratroopers of WWII. I have started reading already and have found it difficult to put this book down. It’s truly first class. When I see these photos and others similar, I always find it difficult to believe that these young men are young no more but elderly and frail and in many cases gone. It’s sad but inevitable that this generation will leave us as others have done. Thankfully there are people such as yourself that are devoted to their memory. Thank you once again and good luck! »
    Andrew Macdonald, Australia

  6. Max Roberts

    « Just to say thanks for prompt delivery of your books. They are indeed superb! I’m especially pleased that the Bob Piper book also had his own signature. »
    Max Roberts, USA

  7. Col. Mark Johnson

    « Thanks to Col. Bob Piper for his service to the Nation, and thanks to you for helping to preserve the memory of the accomplishments of all World War II Paratroopers. »
    Col. Mark Johnson, USA

  8. John Alberts

    « Just received the new book–FANTASTIC. This a great series. Military history needs these individual stories. »
    John Alberts, USA

  9. Charles O. Counts

    « Book arrived today. Colonel Piper’s signature was a bonus. As usual, a great job! »
    Charles O. Counts, USA

  10. James A. Bush

    « Very nice in quality and content. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    James A. Bush, USA

  11. Soren Parup

    « What a great book, that is! You are doing a very important work: Keeping the memory alive. »
    Soren Parup, Copenhagen, Denmark

  12. Ms. Bettina Theresia Lim

    « Just want to let you know that I have received the package with your books. Thank you for this fast shipping! I especially like the sturdy cover of the book « At The Point… » with the army camouflage design. Wonderful photos inside! Can’t wait to own more books of you.
    I also like to thank you sincerely for signing them all. I will treasure the ones the vets signed (Piper and Guth)! Will eagerly await any future work (like so many other fans of your work all over the world). »
    Ms. Bettina Theresia Lim, The Netherlands

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