Qui est à l’origine du cricket, où a-t-il été produit et qui l’a produit? Quel modèle à réellement été utilisé et quelles unités l’ont employé ? Pour la première fois, les réponses à ces questions ont été apportées.

220 x 150 mm
Couverture souple – 24 pages – 50+ illustrations
Livré avec une reproduction du cricket à l’échelle 1/1.

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Depuis la fin de la deuxième guerre mondiale, les histoires et les légendes sur l’emploi du cricket ont foisonné et été amplifiées. De nombreuses contrevérités ont été colportées par divers médias et ont participé à déformer l’histoire de l’incongru petit objet, certainement le moins guerrier de tout l’équipement porté par le parachutiste.
Cet essai, largement illustré, s’appuyant sur des faits historiques, des interviews de personnalités clés de l’instauration du cricket au sein des unités aéroportées, et des documents d’époque, tente de démonter les idées reçues et relater la véritable histoire du légendaire cricket du Jour-J.

cricket D-Day220 x 150 mm
Couverture souple – 24 pages – 50+ illustrations

Livré avec une reproduction du cricket à l’échelle 1/1.

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  1. Barbara Gavin

    « Thank you for your wonderful book. It arrived yesterday, and I thought I would spend a few minutes looking at it. You can guess that I couldn’t put it down until I had read all of it. There were all of the handsome young men I used to see, before the 505 went overseas. They were laughing and full of mischief. But then, as it happens in war, they were forged in the heat and hammering of Sicily and Italy. England reminded them of how life used to be, and they were young and resilient. They were all so young, even my dad. Those young men were, and always will be, my heroes. »
    Barbara Gavin, USA

  2. Iain Harding, UK

    « Books, cricket and figure arrived today. They are amazing and well up to the normal standard. »
    Iain Harding, UK

  3. William Milligan

    « While building WWII M2 Para Helmets for reinactors, historians and collectors, I have been asked many times for advice about the infamous WWII Para Cricket used on D-Day. There has been very little written on the subject and what has been written in the past has been mainly speculation and myth. Finally, thanks to Michel De Trez and D-Day Publishing, a definitive book has been written on the famous little cricket. Michel takes the reader from the cricket’s beginnings through its path into history on D-Day. The reader is not only blessed with an accurate and straightforward historical account, but also supplied with an exact copy of the only type of cricket used on D-Day. This cricket is not the little toy that is usually sold as the « real McCoy ». This book is a must read for all WWII historians, collectors and reinactors. The reader will thoroughly enjoy walking with the little cricket from its meager beginnings to its history-making day with the 101st Airborne, on June 6th 1944. »
    William Milligan, USA

  4. Clive Bassett

    « At last a short and concise publication to set the record straight on the use and history of the D-Day Cricket. Michel De Trez, with his well researched and accurate account, provides conclusive and compelling evidence that will be welcomed by Historians and Enthusiasts alike. »
    Clive Bassett, United Kingdom

  5. Charles Counts, USA

    « Once again, you have made a great contribution to the body of information concerning the Airborne troops on D-Day. The following is my « review » of your mighty little work.
    As a student of military history, with a particular interest in the U.S. Airborne troops during the D-Day invasion, the infamous cricket has always been at the center of attention. The story of the cricket has reached such epic proportions, that sorting fact from fiction has been a very painstaking task. With his latest work directed to sorting out the real story of the cricket, Michel DeTrez has done a great service for the student of Airborne history. Michel is well known for his reference works on the Airborne in the ETO, and this small volume packs a great deal of information on one of the most famous and mythical items of this history. It is now possible for all who want the truth surrounding this « Legendary » item to find answers to their questions in these few, but powerful pages. A must for all interested in the War in Europe. »
    Charles Counts, USA

  6. Jeffrey Moomjian

    « After 60 years of guesswork, the truth is finally told about the famous crickets of D-Day. An outstanding reference for the collector/historian of WW2 airborne memoribilia. very nicely researched and the cricket is nice too!  »
    Jeffrey Moomjian, USA

  7. Paul Woodadge

    « As a working Battlefield Guide in Normandy I have just purchased Michel De Trez’s book « The Legendary Cricket of D-Day ». With all the interest in « The Longest Day » and more recently « Band of Brothers », its great to have a book like this that cuts through all the legend and myth to finally and once and for all clear up the confusion about who had them? what did they look like? and with reports of their actual use on D-Day. Concise and well illustrated the little book has already been useful to me and when you have information about the Crickets use from the likes of John Hanlon 502 PIR and Maxwell Taylor himself, you have to be pretty certain that the information is correct. This little book will be great for historians, collectors, re-enactors and anyone with an interest in the Cricket – probably the most interesting bit of D-Day paraphernalia. An item of equipment who’s mythic status for 60 years far exceeds it’s tiny size ».
    Paul Woodadge, Battlebus

  8. Jeffrey Moomjian

    « Received book and cricket today – very nicely researched and the cricket is nice too! »
    Jeffrey Moomjian, USA

  9. Josh Orenstein

    « First of all let me thank you for the recent arrival of your cricket book. Another outstanding piece of work. »
    Josh Orenstein, USA

  10. Philip Jan van Sandwijk

    « Wow! What a great book, the photographs are just amazing and the design of the book is superb (as always) and I don’t even wanted start on the information in the book. This is a book every collector/re-enactor should have on his book shelf, next to your other books! It’s really good to finally have a book telling the true story of the cricket. I really liked the photograph of the members of the Filthy 13. It never caught my attention that he had his cricket on the butstock! »
    Philip Jan van Sandwijk, Holland

  11. Jérome Perrier

    « Une fois de plus, Michel de Trez nous offre un ouvrage de grande qualité, qui en complément de ses autres livres nous apporte toutes les réponses manquantes sur un sujet aussi typique et à la fois méconnu des paras US en Normandie. Indispensable à tout collectionneur du thème. »
    Jérome Perrier, France

  12. Daniel Logan,

    « Just writing to let you know the figure book and cricket came yesterday! I couldn’t believe the speedy delivery. I read your book on the cricket last night, wow, it was really fascinating! I loved reading it and loved the photo’s as well.
    I’m not sure how often you hear this, but thank you for doing what you do!
    It is much appreciated by myself and I am sure countless others. You are a true gentleman and a talented historian. I am looking forward to buying your books in the future. Thank you once again! »
    Daniel Logan, Australia

  13. Bryan

    « The Cricket Book came today! WOW what a book – great information. I did not realize how much fake stuff there was.
    Thank you again – I totally love this book. »
    Bryan, USA

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