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Devenu « collector », cet ouvrage épuisé depuis de nombreuses années est parfois disponible sur différents sites offrant des livres d’occasion. Son prix oscille entre 250 et 3500 €



  1. Paul H. Beddow

    « My father was a member of the FABTF and made the invasion of Southern France so I bough a copy of the book for his birthday. He spent several days pouring through the pages looking at pictures of people he knew and place he experienced. I had no idea that this book was so thorough and informative with so many veteran’s first hand accounts. As a military historian, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and images crammed into this book. I can honestly say that this book was well worth the money. »
    Paul H. Beddow, military historian, USA

  2. Philippe Gandubert

    « Félicitations pour vos trois ouvrages traitant des paras US. Je suis vraiment très satisfait, la richesse de la documentation est exceptionnelle, les mannequins ainsi que les reconstitutions sont vraiment dignes d’éloges. »
    Philippe Gandubert, collectionneur, France

  3. Lt. General William P. Yarborough

    « Your outstanding book represent an impressive effort on your part to collect so much material from so many of the veterans of that operation. The range of coverage makes your book unique among the number that have been published over the years. »
    Lt. General William P. Yarborough. USA ret.

  4. General Ed Thomas

    « Its quality and comprehensiveness astounded me. I knew that you were engaged in a labor of love but I am still surprised and gratified by the outcome. My very warm congratulations. »
    General Ed Thomas, FSSF, USA ret.

  5. Charles DiSipio

    « You deserve all my praise for the fabulous job you did on this publication, it’s a true master’s work! »
    Charles DiSipio, collector, USA

  6. The Fairlamb family

    « My family would like to thank you for helping make our father last remaining year a very happy year by sending him your book with his picture on the cover. We were all so proud. He was very pleased with the book and tough you did an excellent job. »
    The Fairlamb family, USA

  7. Col. William E. Weber USA ret

    « I have just finished going through your three books and want to tell you that I am very impressed with the superb job you did! They kept me in rapt attention from cover to cover an amazed at the amount of research that you had to do to produce what you did. These books are more than a dry collection of photos and illustrations of equipment. They contain the most extensive collection of Airborne photos. One has to admire and respect you for your dedication and the honor you accord American Airborne. One might expect that books such as these to come from American historians. That you, a Belgian national undertook these projects, is something for which you deserves great credit. You have ensured the preservation of some aspects of the airborne portion of the Normandy and Southern France invasions that are not found elsewhere. Our brotherhood owes you a vote of thanks for that! One hopes you’ll be rewarded here on earth as you surely will be in heaven for what you are doing for the Airborne community. »
    Col. William E. Weber USA ret, American Airborne Association, Inc.

  8. Mark Bando

    « Congratulations on a great contribution to WW2 airborne history. I think it is safe to say that nobody will ever surpass or equal your detailing of the Southern France campaign, its men and equipment. I don’t need to tell you that you have finally put in context a lot of Airborne photos that we have been wondering about for years, as well as finding an amazing number of previously unseen photos. You have surpassed your first books by adding much historical background, and the personal « war stories » are first rate. We fans of Airborne history owe you a big thanks for the fine work you did, and I recommend your book to every Airborne collector. Please keep up the excellent work. »
    Mark Bando, historian & collector, USA

  9. Dr. Charles E. Pugh veteran of the 517th PRCT

    This huge coffee-table book is a magnificent book devoted entirely to the Airborne part of the invasion of southern France. It is primarily a pictorial history of that military operation with both color and B&W photographs and illustrations. There is sufficient text, in both French and English, to clarify the role of each element of the First Airborne Task Force (FABTF) in that invasion and to give meaning and significance to the photographs. The book is monumental in both scope and size and the single most descriptive word that comes to mind is « breathtaking ». The price tag is steep but, when you see the book, you will wonder how it can be produced and sold for that low a price. If you did not participate in the southern France invasion but are interested in Airborne history and lore beyond the activities of your own unit, this is a book that you will enjoy immensely. Everyone who participated in this invasion will be surprised and even astounded by how much they will learn about their own unit as well as the others of the FABTF. The more I peruse my copy of the book, the more I am impressed by the research and scholarship that went into it. If you were a part of that D-Day, this is a « must have » book that you will go back to again and again to rekindle long forgotten memories, some sad but many pleasant. The price is daunting but this is a book that is likely to become an Airborne family heirloom that will be enjoyed by generations to come. The author have outdone himself in a most outstanding way, I am so impressed and proud of him. This is a masterpiece of military history.
    Dr. Charles E. Pugh veteran of the 517th PRCT, Co-Chairman, Executive Committee US Airborne Foundation Inc.

  10. Stuart D. Hunt

    « My compliments on a very well done book with great photos that most of us have never seen. »
    Stuart D. Hunt, FSSF, USA

  11. Anonymous reader

    « What an amazing job you have done! My hat is off to you sir! I particularly enjoy the attention to detail you show in putting together your mannequins. It’s a pleasure to view your work. »
    Anonymous reader

  12. Mitch Delmage

    « I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done to keep the memories and sacrifices of these brave men and women alive for all the generations to come. I recently received your ‘First Airborne Task Force’ and found a picture of my father, Pfc. John Delmage of the 551st, prominently (full page) displayed. We also found two other pictures of him in groups. He was with B Company. You have told their story so well. It brought back many memories back to my father. I also got to see many of the things he’s talked about over the years. For instance, the machine gun he used. »
    Mitch Delmage, USA

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