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  1. George Koskimaki

    « No one can beat your books for detail. Very little of what went into the D-Day drop in Normandy as equipment carried by our men is missed. I stopped to thumb through the first book again and did not relax for many hours afterward. You have done yourself proud on that one young man! Thank you again. I’ll be advertising your books. »
    George Koskimaki, Signal Co. 101st Airborne W.W.II (General Taylor’s Radio Operator)
    Official historian for the 101st Airborne Association. Author of three books.

  2. Charles S. Fairlamb

    « The two books you sent me are beautiful and I treasure them. They are fascinating and so very well done. »
    Charles S. Fairlamb, 551st P.I.B. 1st Airborne Task Force W.W.II

  3. Frank Palys

    « I want to thank you for sending me the two pictorial books on the Normandy campaign. I don’t know where you got all those photos, but they sure brought back a lot of sometime painful memories. Your books certainly are worthy for any WWII buff, and especially the Airborne to be displayed in their library. I am more than pleased to show them off to many persons from our Chapter, and they certainly are impressed as I was. »
    Frank Palys, Hq. Co. 506 P.I.R. 101st Airborne W.W.II

  4. W. G. Ramsey

    « Very many thanks for your two books received safely today. I congratulate you on producing such excellent records of US airborne involvement in D-Day. They deserve every success and I shall bring them to the attention of interested readers. The books are also very nicely put together so well done indeed! »
    W. G. Ramsey, After the Battle editor, England

  5. Mark Jones

    « Congratulations on the new books. This was the reference that has long been waited for. I look forward to seeing the next volume on Southern France. Please keep up the fine work on Airborne pictorial histories! »
    Mark Jones, collector, New Jersey, USA

  6. John C. Cooley

    « You my friend made me cry with the dedication you wrote for me in your absolute incomparable book of At the Point of no Return. From the very bottom of my heart I thank you. »
    John C. Cooley, 509th PIB, W.W.II

  7. Linda D. Adelman

    « Thank you for your tribute to my father and his comrades. Hopefully your book will be passed on for generations not only to honor all those brave men but so they and their deeds will never be forgotten. »
    Linda D. Adelman, daughter of Col. Briand N. Beaudin, 508th PIR, 82nd Airborne W.W.II

  8. Fred Bahlau

    « Two great books, I am impressed. »
    Fred Bahlau, Hq. Co. 3rd Bn. 506 P.I.R. 101st Airborne. W.W.II

  9. Forrest Guth

    « The two books arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at the contents. You did a great job. It will probably be impossible to better these books. Thank you very much for sharing them with me. »
    Forrest Guth, E Co. 506th P.I.R. 101st Airborne W.W.II

  10. Ebay

    « Absolutely fabulous book on the American airborne soldier in Normandy. Michel De Trez is the foremost authority and collector of paratrooper field uniforms and equipment from Operation Neptune. The book is a showcase of his original combat collection contributed by the veterans themselves and displayed in his museum in Belgium.
    Loads of detail photographs of M-2 jump helmets, M-1942 jump suits, pathfinder gear, weapons, grenades, explosives, medic equipment, chaplain outfit – everything imaginable.
    It also contains an extensive mix of US Army photographs, aerial reconnaissance of the battlefields, personal pix from the vet’s own (officially forbidden) cameras, a string of rare color shots from Captain Frank Lillyman, and period posters & ads. Numerous shots from the original « band of brothers », E Co. 506 PIR.
    The book is top quality – If you are a collector or student of the WWII 82nd or 101st paratrooper, this is a must-have for your library. »
    Ebay, USA

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