Cet ouvrage raconte à travers un recueil de photographies d’époque, l’épopée des parachutistes américains de la 82e et 101e Airborne en préparation du débarquement de Normandie.

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Couverture cartonnée entoilée – 212 pages – 342 illustrations
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AMERICAN WARRIORS est le premier volume de la série « Opérations », une série couvrant l’engagement des parachutistes américains au cours de la libération de l’Europe.

La préparation de L’Opération Overlord est décrite à travers plus de 340 photos d’époques. De multiples planches couleurs d’objets, uniformes et équipements illustre cet ouvrage.


ISBN 2-9600176-0-9

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  1. Louise Rasmussen

    « Your book has been a godsend as Andy has looked at the pictures and read parts many times already. He is a reader and we are so thankful. We will treasure the knowledge enclosed and our two sons, Vietnam survivors, will enjoy reading it also. Andy has been enjoying the photos and the memories the book has brought back to him. He has it in his hand nearly every time I visit him at the hospital and relates to many of the pictures. Thanks again Michel. Airborne All the Way. »
    Louise Rasmussen, wife of Andy Rasmussen, Filthy 13

  2. Charlie Petty

    « The photographs are nicely arranged, and the written commentaries describing the photos is outstanding. Any Airborne soldier, past, present or future, should have these books in his library. I am anxious to see the next ones! »
    Charlie Petty, 509th P.I.B. Pathfinder, W.W.II

  3. Lt. General William P. Yarborough

    « A magnificent book about Airborne Forces. It will add a great deal to the history of paratroopers. »
    Lt. General William P. Yarborough, U.S.Army ret

  4. Wayland O. Parrish

    « I was touched by your sentiments regarding the American Paratroopers and the reasons for your dedicated work. »
    Wayland O. Parrish, 506th PIR

  5. Cotswold Collectibles

    « I was given your name by George Koskimaki, historian for the 101st Airborne Division. He said you have produce the finest books on airborne troops during the Second World War. »
    Cotswold Collectibles, Inc. WA, USA

  6. Bill Carrington

    « I have copies of two of Michel De trez’s books and I must say the photos are the best I have seen in this type of publication. »
    Bill Carrington, Secretary-treasurer, 101st Airborne Division Assn

  7. Raine Remsbury

    « One of the 82nd troopers who jumped at Normandy recommanded and let me borrow your publication. Reading it was an immensely fascinating pleasure. »
    Raine Remsbury, North Carolina, USA

  8. Nick Friedrich

    « I have all three of your books. They are like an airborne bible for us around here. »
    Nick Friedrich, Collector, reanactor, USA

  9. Luca Mariotti

    « Outstanding workpiece. »
    Luca Mariotti, Italy

  10. Mike McMenamin

    « I just wanted tell you, after collecting German items for five years, a friend of mine showed me your books. I just loved it. I especially loved the picture on the back of the book « American Warriors ». I’m looking forward to your new book « orange is the color of the day »
    Mike McMenamin, USA

  11. Mike O’Sullivan

    « I just wanted to compliment you on the superb and outstanding you did on « American Warriors. » I recently bought the book and I was astonished by its illustrations, thoroughness, and intense research to only list a few of hundreds of compliments that your book deserves. I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work to keep the stories and sacrifices of these men alive. I particularly liked the pathfinder displays for their rarity and unique nature. I cannot wait until I am able to buy more and more and more of your books. Keep up the good work and thank you. »
    Mike O’Sullivan, USA

  12. Ann Schneider

    « Mr. De Trez, Have you considered writing about the 507th? I have read the books out there about the 507th and I know you would do a wonderful job. Your style of writing and your photographs are amazing. My uncle, Russell Dillard, was a pathfinder with the 507th in HQ/2nd and arrived in Normandy on Plane 14. He lost his life on June 23, 1944 near Amfreville. I look forward to reading your upcoming books. »
    Ann Schneider, USA

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