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CARENTAN - Linking Omaha Beach - Utah Beach NEW CARENTAN - Linking Omaha Beach - Utah Beach


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bbi & D-Day Publishing have team together to offer you this very fine 60th anniversary of D-Day limited edition 1/6 fully articulated figure series.

This series represent the four characters presented in the portrait book series. (Forrest Guth, Bob Piper, Doc McIlvoy, Ben Vandervoort)

Only 1,000 pieces have be produced. Each box is individually numbered.

Exclusively sold by D-Day Publishing.
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"I just wanted to "Thank You" for having BBI produce the 4 figures that were released for the D-Day 60th anniversary. I am positive that that was one giant headache for you and will probably never happen again. I'm sure you were besieged with mail from everyone wanting there's now, now, now,!!"

"I got Cpl. Guth and I thought your service and attitude were great! I just wanted to let you know from a guy who has been there {V.P. of a figure company for 4 years}. The figures were amazing and the uniforms, gear, and boxes were superb. I just thought you might like to know…"
Sloan Wolff

Carentan Historical Center